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Q. Which courses can I study at QE?

A. Our Courses

Q. What are the entry requirements for QE?

A. Entry Requirements

Q. How do I apply to QE?

A. How to Apply

Q. What extra-curricular activities can I do?

A. Extra-Curricular Activities

 Q. How can I get to QE?

A. Transport Information and Our Location

Q. Is there any financial support available?

A. Financial Support

Q. What are the College’s exam results?

A. Examination Results

Q. Does the college have a freedom of information policy?

A. Yes, the college freedom of information policy is located here.

Q. Can I use any content from this site?

A. Any use of graphics/images/content must be authorised by QESFC. To request use of ANY images or content please contact us and ask for permission.

Q. Can I obtain a copy of the prospectus in large print or braille?

A. Yes, large print or braille copies are available on request. To request such copies please contact us.

Q. Can I obtain a copy of the prospectus in other languages?

A. Yes, it is possible to have the prospectus translated into other languages.
To request this please contact us.