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History is the story of humanity and is central to an understanding of the world today. It is also a fascinating, diverse and well-regarded subject which allows you to explore and debate interpretations of the past. We offer both Modern and Tudor History courses, each covering a range of at least two hundred years and including a study of British history plus one or more other countries. In Modern History, we study Germany from 1918-89, Italian fascism from 1911-46 and the British Empire from 1763-1914. In Tudor History, we study Tudor England from 1509-1603, Luther and the German Reformation from 1515-55 and the Witch Craze in Britain, Europe and North America from 1580-1750. You will also have an opportunity to carry out an independently researched historical enquiry as coursework in the second year. History is ideal if you have an interest in the way the world has developed through the ages and enjoy investigation, debate and research.