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Information about the start of term – September 2020

Dear Student,

We hope you have enjoyed the start of term so far. From Monday 21st September, all students will have lessons in College every day as we planned. This arrangement will be kept under review. You will be sent your timetable via email.

Points to note about your timetable:

  • Lesson 2 now begins at 10.30am. Your teacher will arrange a break at some point during Lesson 2. Please be in your classroom at 10.30am.
  • Note that all Progress Tutor sessions on your timetable are not currently running. Please continue to contact your Progress Tutor online or by College email so that they can support you. Please check your College email regularly for key updates.
  • Note that Supplementary Programme sessions you have signed up for, including Wednesday Team Games, are not running yet. More information will be provided in due course as to when these will start.

Please remember to follow the procedures we have in place to keep everyone safe at QE. Please see the below document “Your safety at QE” for the key points and refer to the Student Guide which you should have already received via email. Further information is on the College’s website. As far as possible, please only be on the College site when you have timetabled sessions. Please keep socially distanced outside College and do not congregate at the front of College. Please use the park if necessary so that there is more room to be socially distanced. Do not meet in groups of more than 6.

College buses will operate as normal.

Please be aware that Darlington is not subject to the local restrictions which have recently been announced for some council areas in the North East.

If you have any queries, please email qe@qeliz.ac.uk.

We look forward to seeing you at QE on Monday 21st September.

Best wishes,

Laurence Job

Deputy Principal

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