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A Work of Pure Genius

Date Posted: 19/03/2013 | Posted In: Latest news

QE had an informative visit from two members of Barnard Castle Rotary Club. Robert Hartness and George Brookes (who is also the Clerk to the Governors at QE) came into College to talk to Project Africa students and some members of the Student Association about a new Aquafilter device and the charity they are involved with.

The Rotary Club has had experience fundraising for and working with the  Safe Water Trust, a local company that provides water filters for those in need in Gambia, Ghana, Kenya and Honduras. The Rotarians have also visited Africa where the Aquafilters have been donated to small families and villages with no clean water and very little sanitation.

Beccy Stannard, Student Services Co-ordinator at QE explains:

‘Rotarian Robert Hartness demonstrated the amazing new filtration device, transforming dirty, undrinkable water into clear, bacteria free, drinking water. It was incredible and was particularly useful for the students who have been fundraising for two years for their expedition to Botswana and Zambia in June. It really opened their eyes into what the living situation and sanitation levels will be like when they get out there.

It is likely that the students will now go on to raise funds for the charity:  the large community filter costs £250 and delivers five litres of water per minute  whilst the small family one produces  1 litre per minute  and costs just £20.’

The Aquafilters were designed by John Griffith of Cleadon Rotary Club about five years ago. They are assembled in the North East by volunteers and all parts are UK sourced. The Aquafilters need no power supply, are portable and come with visual instructions printed on the devices. They have been described as a “a work of pure genius.”