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Art Students at the Festival of Thrift

Date Posted: 27/10/2014 | Posted In: Latest news

QE Art students took centre stage at Darlington’s Festival of Thrift.

Andy Jupp of Charity Shop DJs hosted the main stage and invited Art Foundation students to create the visual backdrop for the stage. The organisers wanted the stage design to reflect the themes of the event and to complement the activities. This involved sourcing free materials, making something from nothing, not necessarily in a make do and mend way, but in a way that valued and celebrated the materials.

The students responded by recycling materials and stretcher frames from the

Art studio to create an exciting and vibrant exhibition of work that was installed

at the main stage. The students also got involved in learning to mix and appeared on stage with the DJs

The organisers were very appreciative of the students’ work. Andy Jupp sent his thanks for their input, saying:

“It was brilliant working with the QE students. We had so many positive comments and responses to the decor – from people working on site and visitors. Without the students’ work the event wouldn’t have had such a visual identity. The students who came and DJ-ed with us were also fantastic. Please pass on massive thanks for their hard work, professionalism, sense of fun and flexibility. It was a joy to spend time with the students both at the College and at the Festival.”