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Business meets Science in Darlington

Date Posted: 27/04/2016 | Posted In: Latest news

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and Darlington Building Society recently joined forces to promote business and science career opportunities to young people in the Darlington area.

Eighty A-Level students from QE visited CPI’s National Biologics Manufacturing Centre to find out about the wide range of careers available in science and in business. CPI staff were joined by Colin Fyfe, Chief Executive Officer of Darlington Building Society, and his team to talk about the many different job roles in both companies. As well as Scientists, Engineers, Mortgage Advisors and Branch Managers, students met a Human Resources Manager, a Solicitor, a Marketing Manager and a PA / Events Organiser.

A large part of the afternoon comprised of a speed networking event where groups of students met ten CPI and Darlington Building Society employees in turn, and had a chance to ask questions about the qualifications needed for each role, what a typical working day is like and the opportunities for career development at both companies.

‘Students don’t often get the chance to go into a business and understand the different career paths that may be open to them,’ said Dr Chris Dowle, Director of Future Business, Healthcare, for CPI. “We were very happy to welcome QE students and staff to CPI to get a very brief flavour of the work we do and the different kinds of scientific and other skills we need to run our business.’

Amanda Leslie, QE’s Employer Links Co-ordinator, added:

‘The `Business meets Science’ event was a great opportunity for students to meet industry professionals, gain an insight into two different organisations and the roles within them. Students found the speed networking session exciting and challenging and it was an enormous boost to their confidence. As a result of taking part, Ben Curran, has secured a fantastic work placement with Darlington Building Society.’