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Education is a piece of cake for QE’s Interact Club

Date Posted: 22/04/2021 | Posted In: Latest news

The Interact Club from QE have established a small social enterprise with the aim of sponsoring girls’ education in Africa. The club, named ‘Education is a Piece of Cake’, asks members for a donation in exchange for the delivery of homemade cake on the last Friday of every month with all profits being used to fund students’ school fees, uniform and a hot meal each day. The idea arose from one of the members of the Interact Club being told that their bakes were ‘good enough to sell’ and currently two Ugandan girls, Faith and Sharon, have benefitted from the scheme having started school in January. In addition, the group have also sent teaching materials, clothing and equipment for other students in the school.

Lorna Macdonald, joint President of the Interact Club who baked the initial cake, comments: ‘It’s great that we can help change the lives of people for the better with something as simple as cake’. Nancy Wall, Student Services Co-ordinator at QE, adds: ‘Education for girls is often overlooked in Africa, however with more opportunities opening up, we can really make a difference and it also reduces the chances of child marriage. It’s fantastic to see students who have a free education helping those who have to pay’.

For more information on QE’s Interact Club, please contact Nancy Wall, Student Services Co-ordinator (nwall@qeliz.ac.uk).

The featured image is of children in Uganda receiving a parcel of donations from the College to be shared in school.