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Engineers at REME

Date Posted: 20/10/2014 | Posted In: Latest news

QE’s Future Engineers Scheme is going from strength to strength. Now in its second year, the initiative is flourishing with about 80 students benefitting from gaining first-hand experience of many different kinds of engineering.

Recently a group of first year Future Engineers spent a day with the REME at Catterick Garrison at their   “Look at Life” engineering open day.  The students spent some time at REME’s training camp, learning how to put their maths skills into practice when recovering vehicles from the field, as well as finding out more about the different engineering trades and professions in the army.  They also had the opportunity to “build a buggy,” working in a team and assembling a kit car.

Student, Mollie Fenner, really enjoyed the day saying:

“I very much appreciated the opportunity to look at the engineering that goes into constructing the tanks, how engineers are involved in the fire-proofing of the vehicles to withstand extreme heat and blasts. It’s not just about the mechanics.”

Liz Bryan, QE’s Future Engineers Co-ordinator, added:

“It was an extremely useful day. The students were able to gain an insight not only into the various branches of army engineering, but also see how members of the teams work together to recover, repair and ensure the safety of the vehicles.”