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Fun with Maths

Date Posted: 30/04/2013 | Posted In: Latest news

QE teamed up with Greenfield Community College in Newton Aycliffe to create a series of school house challenges at Greenfield. The challenges tested students’ logic, musical maths and quick fire maths but also built on their team work, confidence and numeracy.

 The challenges were devised by Helen Greaves from QE and Mrs Bryony McKie from Greenfield with students from both QE and Greenfield helping. It was a great opportunity for Greenfield students to meet ex Greenfield students who are now studying A Level maths at QE and to see them in action.

 The challenges were designed to allow students of all abilities and ages to access the questions give them a chance to feel the excitement of maths and use the subject outside of the traditional classroom setting. The key thing was to raise the profile of maths around the school and show students that they can do functional maths.

 During the activities students enjoyed working as vertical teams with all ages and abilities in each group. There was a real buzz in the room throughout which became electric in the final speed round when teams raced each other to the finish.

 Mr David Priestly, Headteacher of Greenfield, said:

 ‘This was a wonderful opportunity to involve the whole school, working with ex-students, to enjoy the challenge of maths. It is part of our wider Time 4 Success Programme which supports all our students to exceed their expectations.’

 Helen Greaves, Course leader for A Level maths at QE, added:

 ‘A lot of planning and preparation went into organising the challenges but it was really enjoyable and worthwhile. It was great working with staff and students from Greenfield and I hope we will continue to devise activities in the future to raise the profile and value of maths in Greenfield and in our other partner schools.’