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Future Medics Enjoy Hands-on Experience

Date Posted: 26/09/2017 | Posted In: Latest news

A level Biology and Chemistry students at QE enjoyed a visit to Sunderland University to take part in a Biosciences Careers Day. Students were given a talk on the range of careers available to graduates with a biosciences degree, followed by practical sessions in the lab.  Students were able to apply their knowledge in a histology practical where they applied techniques used in hospitals to stain tissue samples to help diagnose disease such as cancer.  Further sessions covered the use of spectrophotometry to diagnose patient samples to find out which patient was having a heart attack and a Healthcare Science session looking at the diagnosis, biology and genetic basis of sickle cell anaemia.

Lara Bapir who is applying to study Medicine said “This was an excellent opportunity for us to work in a university laboratory, using more sophisticated materials and equipment – we were given an actual case history to review and then learn how frozen tissue samples are used in the diagnosis of illness.”

Dominic Munns, who is applying for biomedical science, added “I really enjoyed the lab work, it helped us to understand the need to ensure that machines and all chemical components work correctly in order to diagnose serious conditions in patients.”

Liz Bryan, HE/Careers Adviser, added “This was an excellent day for our students who are all considering entering the health sciences including medicine.  Not only did it give them the opportunity to extend their scientific knowledge, it also gave them the opportunity to develop their practical and teamworking skills.”