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Lockdown Stories – Misha Kay

Date Posted: 02/06/2020 | Posted In: Latest news

We have all been full of admiration for the work of the NHS and carers during the Covid-19 outbreak. One of our students, Misha Kay, has been working on the frontline. This is how she describes her experience:-

“Through lockdown I have done my training to become a carer and now work at an amazing care home caring for the those in lockdown and the most vunerable, I have had to learn new skills and legislation to enable me to do this amazing and joyful experience”

Well done Misha everyone here at QE is proud of your contribution and send our heartfelt thanks for your ongoing work.

If any other QE students have a story to share please let us know. Send your words / images / video to qe@qeliz.ac.uk