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Odd things to measure

Date Posted: 17/11/2017 | Posted In: Latest news

A Level Physics students from QE, recently attended a lecture by Andrew Hanson entitled ‘Top 10 Odd Things to Measure, PLUS the Measurement of Colour’. The presentation featured a brief discussion on the top 10 strangest things the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has measured, before Andrew elaborated on his own area of expertise, colour measurement. As the former Chairman of the Colour Group of Great Britain, Andrew has been professionally measuring colour for 25 years and built the world’s first national standard telespectroradiometer which calibrates the colour of visual display units. Throughout the lecture, students obtained invaluable information, including advice on the study of colour and the event concluded with a brief question and answer session, allowing Andrew to share the intrinsic details of his experience with colour measurement.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, commenting that Andrew’s enthusiasm shone through making the talk more dynamic. One student adds ‘The talk added new knowledge to my psychological understanding about colour’, whilst another explains ‘The lecture showed me that Physics plays a more important role in society than what I initially thought’.

Upon concluding his presentation, Andrew summed up his visit to the College by saying ‘It was a pleasure to talk in such a beautiful room to such a packed and interested audience. I have never been asked about tachyons at these talks before; you’ve got some great students there who will go far’.

Brian Wardle, Course Leader of A Level Physics, concludes ‘Andrew delivered a fantastic and inspiring talk which enthused our students. He literally blinded us with science’.