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Date Posted: 29/11/2012 | Posted In: Latest news

Mike Nicholson, Director of Undergraduate Admissions from Oxford University came to the College on Tuesday 20th November to give students an insight as to what to expect from interview. 

The students felt the information and advice they were given had been extremely useful and good preparation in what admission tutors look for and ask at interview.  The following comments were made by two of our students:-

“The Oxbridge interview workshop was really useful.  Mike Nicholson gave us insightful advice on how to approach the interview, technique on answering questions and on the interview process.  After, we were split into subject groups and given example questions to work on such as, for engineering, “How many golden eagles would it take to lift an elephant?”. Overall the session was great preparation and everyone felt it boosted their confidence.”

“The Oxbridge meeting with Mike Nicholson was such a great help in preparation for my Cambridge Natural Sciences interview.  The valuable interview techniques that I gained are incredibly helpful and have made me feel much more confident about the interview process.  I now know ways in which to tackle challenging questions where I have to apply existing knowledge and make educated guesses.  Some of my favourite questions were “Why do Lions have Manes?” and “How many carbon atoms are in the room?”