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Politics students meet US Embassy Diplomat

Date Posted: 22/10/2018 | Posted In: Latest news

Kim Dubois, a cultural attaché working for the US Embassy in London, has paid a visit to QE to engage with A Level Politics students about American politics, a key component of second year students’ study programme. Kim, who is involved in an initiative which aims to change people’s perceptions of the US abroad, began the session with an interactive survey to discover what the students already knew about the US and the impression they had of its work in other countries. This was followed by a lively Q&A session in which students quizzed Kim on her work and the difficulties she faces working as a diplomat in countries where the US is not always viewed in a positive light. She was also questioned about the controversy surrounding the new US Embassy building in London and President Trump’s refusal to visit it on his recent trip to the UK.

Reflecting on the event, student Sophie Dryburgh comments: ‘The visit from Kim has really made me consider a career as a diplomat, I hadn’t realised how many opportunities there are in this particular field’. Tony Dabb, Course Leader for A Level Politics at QESFC, adds: ‘We’d like to thank Kim for visiting the College and sharing her experiences of working as a diplomat with our students. The session was highly informative and the students obtained valuable information which will no doubt aid them in their second year of A Level Politics’