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Politics students pose questions in Parliament

Date Posted: 29/04/2019 | Posted In: Latest news

First year A Level Politics students from QE have run the gauntlet of Leave and Remain protesters at the gates of Parliament as they participated in their annual visit to Westminster. Arriving the day after MPs had voted to seize control of parliamentary business from the Government, students encountered a buzz of activity throughout the area before meeting with Jenny Chapman, Shadow Minister for Exiting the European Union and MP for Darlington, who provided a fascinating insider’s view on recent events. The group spent over an hour asking Jenny a wide range of questions with many concentrating on Brexit, the possibility of a second referendum and the divisions it is causing within political parties. However, there were questions on other important issues, including the current homelessness crisis and young people’s mental health services.

Students also received a tour of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, and were able to watch MPs debating new legislation on knife crime. The day concluded with a debating workshop, simulating the events which occur during the passing of a bill and a visit to Whitehall, close to Downing Street, at the time when the Cabinet was holding further crisis talks.

Student, Keswick Hornsby, comments: ‘It was great to speak with Jenny and see how Parliament actually functions. The visit provided us with a brilliant insight into the English political system’.