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QE Students Discover the World of Pharmacy

Date Posted: 13/02/2023 | Posted In: Latest news

A group of inspired A Level students from QE have been provided with an excellent insight into the careers available within the pharmaceutical sector following a visit from Dr. Mark Ashton, Admissions Tutor, at Newcastle University. Dr. Ashton spoke in great detail about how pharmacists find themselves in the unique position of helping patients receive the best possible outcomes from their medication and how the role combines numerous exciting elements including clinical work, leaderships, education, training and research. He also discussed the different opportunities which exist within Pharmacy, from hospital pharmacists to community pharmacists with both having key roles in the recovery of a patient. Whilst hospital pharmacists deliver expert healthcare and take a leading role in clinical interactions with patients, community pharmacists assist in managing and monitoring long term conditions, in addition to administrating flu vaccinations and conducting medication reviews. The students asked many thoughtful questions and the presentation concluded with Dr. Ashton covering the Pharmacy course offered at Newcastle University and advising the group on what he looks for in an application.

Amelia Martin, from Sedgefield who studies A Level Chemistry, Maths and Physics at QE, explains: ‘The talk allowed me to understand what exactly Pharmacy is and what a degree in this field would be like. It is definitely a career I would like to pursue’. Oliver Buckley, from Darlington and who is also enrolled on A Level Chemistry, Maths and Physics, adds: ‘We were able to find out about the differences between Pharmacology and Pharmacy which has helped me to decide which route I would like to follow’.

Reflecting on his visit to the College, Dr. Ashton says: ‘It was very pleasing to see so many students interested in finding out about Pharmacy as a career. I hope that today’s presentation has given them some useful information’. Liz Bryan, Higher Education and Careers Adviser at QE, concludes: ‘Dr. Ashton’s talk was really informative. It is always helpful to receive up-to-date information on job roles, their development and how we can best prepare students to make successful university applications. We’d like to thank Dr. Ashton for taking time out to visit us’.