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QE students feel the force

Date Posted: 25/06/2018 | Posted In: Latest news

A group of first year Future Engineers from QE has enjoyed a taste of life in the Royal Air Force during an action packed day of activities at RAF Leeming.  On arrival at the base, students were given a tour of the fitness facilities, spoke to Personal Training Instructors and found out about how to pass the fitness tests for entry as well as the opportunities for outdoor adventure and travel.  This was followed by a tour of the mechanical engineering facilities where students saw the range of vehicles the engineers work on in order to keep them safe and in service.  Visiting the armoury, students gained insight into the technical skills required to service the weapons and particularly how to maintain and operate the ejector seats if a pilot has to exit the aircraft.    Students also learned of the composition of the explosives used to operate the ejector function.

The highlight of the day was visiting the hangers, housing the Hawk aircraft.  After being given a talk by a pilot from 100 Squadron, looking at the history of the Hawk and other aircraft, the students then had the thrill of an opportunity to don the flight equipment, get into the cockpit and have a lesson on the controls.

Student Cameron Murphy says “Seeing what life is like in a working day on an RAF base is something you cannot experience from a guest speaker in a classroom.  This trip allowed me to understand RAF life through my own eyes.”

Owen Fielding adds “It was great to see the aircraft up close and get in the cockpit wearing the flight equipment.  The pilot was really helpful and informative which has encouraged me to try to become a pilot in the RAF post sixth form.”

Liz Bryan, Future Engineers Co-ordinator, concludes “This was a really good day – the students were able to speak to many different staff and take part in some practical activities.  It certainly gave them an insight into the wide range of opportunities with the RAF.”