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QE’s Interact Club works with local church in wildlife project

Date Posted: 20/10/2021 | Posted In: Latest news

As part of National Heritage Week, Holy Trinity Church in Darlington was open to the public with this year’s theme being food. This provided the Interact Club from QE with a fantastic opportunity to showcase the work they’ve been doing with the Church to protect local wildlife. ‘A Heavenly Haven’ aims to make the churchyard a better place for wildlife, in particular pollinators who are key to us having food on our plates. The group is working with members of the Church and the local community to add places for animals and insects to live in the churchyard, in addition to producing educational resources for those who may visit. Thus far, students have spread wildflower seeds, built insect hotels, prepared bird boxes and created hedgehog homes to be used in the grounds, with many more activities planned for the future.

Charlotte Stewart, Interact Club President, comments: ‘It’s great to be working with the local community as we all need to play our part in making the area in which we live as green as possible. No matter how big or small someone’s contribution, it all makes a difference in helping the local wildlife to thrive in our towns and cities’. For more information on QE’s Interact Club, please contact Nancy Wall (nwall@qeliz.ac.uk).