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Volunteering in Corfu

Date Posted: 02/07/2013 | Posted In: Latest news

During the summer vacation, QE student, Alexia Yiannouli is volunteering in Corfu’s donkey sanctuary. Alexia wants to become a vet and the experience will be invaluable in helping her achieve her ambition.

On earlier visits to the sanctuary, Alexia was appalled at the condition of some of the donkeys that entered the refuge – old, sick, abused and abandoned animals that, without the help of the charity, would be slaughtered.

Alexia says:

‘Animal welfare in Greece is very different from that in the UK and the Corfu Donkey Sanctuary is aiming to make a difference. However, their funding is not secure and they face severe financial difficulties in providing shelter, security and veterinary care for the animals that come to them. I hope to help in some small way and want to publicise  their incredible work.’

In addition to going out to volunteer in Corfu, Alexia has done some fundraising inside and outside of College to support the sanctuary. For further information about the sanctuary, log on to www.corfu-donkeys.com

Alexia lives in Billingham and is studying  AS Level Chemistry, English, Psychology, Critical Thinking and Biology at QE.