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Work Placement at JP Morgan in London

Date Posted: 28/09/2015 | Posted In: Latest news

Fiona Henderson, a student at QE, was successful in her application through the Social Mobility Foundation to spend a two week, all expenses paid work placement with JP Morgan investment bank in London.

The Social Mobility Foundation offers a range of residential internships with top companies as well as the public sector, allowing students to gain an insight into the professions, learn and develop their skills and network with senior members of staff.  They are also matched with a mentor working in the career they wish to join during their time at college and university.

Fiona commented:

“The whole experience of living and working in London was amazing.  I learned about the different sectors in the Bank and the range of professionals working there.  Networking meetings allowed me to meet senior personnel, helped build my contacts and meet people from all over the country.  The programme really developed my confidence and presentation skills and I cannot recommend the experience highly enough.’’

Fiona, who lives in Catterick, is studying A level Further Maths and Textiles at QE. Her ambition is to study a degree in Finance /Management, possibly at Loughborough University, and then pursue a career in Banking.