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Message from Tim Fisher, Principal

Dear student,

I hope that you are enjoying your summer. As we approach the beginning of the new academic year I wanted to contact you to outline our plans for restarting teaching and learning. 

The information set out below relates to all students who are moving directly into the second year. If you are planning to restart your first year, please get in touch with your Guidance Director, or with Meirion Baker (Assistant Principal), who will advise you about arrangements. You should do this whether or not you have already discussed your plans with them. Their contact details are below.

Teaching and learning for second year courses will begin on the August 17th but will take place, initially, online. You will, for this initial period, remain in your current classes and follow your first year timetable. From September 7th, you will be asked to attend classes in college. Please note that college buses will be operating from this date. For a period of two weeks, your attendance will be on a half-time basis and will be combined with continuing online learning. From September 21st, we expect that all teaching and learning will take place in college, full-time. Social distancing arrangements, and other measures to protect your health, have been carefully planned. You will receive details about these before you return to college.

These plans are, of course, subject to change, should we receive new guidance from government or local authorities.

We are all delighted to be welcoming you back to college soon and hope that you are looking forward to returning. You will all have had very different experiences over the last few months and it may be that some of you will find it easier than others to adjust to more normal ways of working. Please be assured that we are determined to provide you with whatever support you need to make a success of the coming year and to move on to the next stage of your lives.

Do enjoy the remainder of your summer break.

With best wishes,

Tim Fisher

Contact Details for Guidance Staff:

Meirion Baker mbaker@qeliz.ac.uk

Al Norman anorman@qeliz.ac.uk

Caroline Gell cgell@qeliz.ac.uk

Chris Watson cwatson@qeliz.ac.uk