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Find out more about QE


The Bridging Course

If you apply to the College and are offered a place, you would normally be invited to our Bridging Course which is usually planned to take place at the end of June.  Unfortunately due to the current situation we were unable to offer this experience this year.  To replace this event we created a Virtual Bridging course with resources that students were able to access via our website and social media accounts.  These resources were designed to support students in making good progression choices.  In addition  measures were also introduced that allowed us to give expert guidance on subject choices and combinations. 

We hope that Bridging 2021 will be able to take place as normal, please re visit the website and follow us on social media to find out the latest information.  As always, our intention is to continue to work closely with you and your parents/carers so that you are able choose a Programme of Study which will enable you to achieve your potential in your subjects.