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Study Programmes

Study Programmes at QE are personalised to provide success for each individual and are linked to your future career plans.

QE provides high quality Study Programmes that give students breadth, depth and progression into employment, further study or training. Our students progress to higher education, higher level apprenticeships and have access to a wider range of employment opportunities. Study Programmes at QE are personalised to provide success for each individual and are linked to your future aspirations.

QE’s Study Programmes enable you to:

  • progress to a higher level of study than previously attained.
  • study for well-respected qualifications that have strong links to higher education, apprenticeships, employment or further training.
  • continue to develop literacy and numeracy skills.
  • develop employability skills and prepare you for employment with appropriate opportunities to experience the world of work.
  • benefit from high quality and impartial careers advice and guidance.
  • have access to stimulating enrichment activities, including sport and volunteering, that enhance personal and social development.
  • develop character, skills, attitudes and confidence to support your progression and employment.
  • develop an awareness of how to keep yourself and others safe, and to be responsible and positive citizens.

Students can choose Advanced Level (Level 3) subjects from a range of more than forty different courses with exam or coursework based assessment options in many subject areas. The vast majority of students select three subjects to make up their own individualised Study Programme. There is a large degree of flexibility in students’ choices and it is easy to select subjects with different styles of learning. Many of our students successfully combine linear A Levels and Applied General courses within their Study Programme.

All of the courses we offer are ideal for progression to university, higher level apprenticeships or employment. They all attract UCAS points for entry to university and are prestigious qualifications valued by Higher Education and employers.

A Levels are subject-based qualifications which are studied over two years and are assessed by exams at the end of the course. Some A Levels are also assessed by coursework/non-exam assessment.

Applied General qualifications are Level 3 courses which are studied over two years and equip students with the knowledge and practical skills that are valued in university and the workplace. The subjects have a greater amount of non-exam assessment and some are assessed completely by coursework. In some subjects, you can choose options which result in a qualification the equivalent in size of one or two A levels at the end of two years.

At QE, we offer a range of subjects that you may have already studied at GCSE level such as English, Maths, History, Sciences or Geography giving you the opportunity to develop your existing knowledge and skills in these areas at A Level. However, there is also the opportunity to study a range of exciting new options including Psychology, Film Studies, Law, Politics, Economics or Geology. These subjects work very well in a student’s Study Programme alongside the more familiar options. 

Our experienced guidance staff will discuss the different options available to you. This should allow you to make the best decision based upon your abilities, interests and long term aspirations. There will be several opportunities to discuss your programme with guidance staff, subject teachers and careers specialists at different points during the application process. A final decision on your subject choices doesn’t need to be made until you actually enrol at the college. This will usually take place in the week following the receipt of your GCSE results.

Further information can be obtained from the prospectus or from the detailed course descriptions to gain a fuller appreciation of the differences between the courses. Please note that, on the course leaflets, A Level subjects are indicated by “Advanced Level” at the top. Applied General qualifications are called Certificates or Diplomas.

If you have a specific question relating to any aspect of enrolment, Study Programmes or individual subjects please do not hesitate to contact us at the College using the following link. Alternatively, you can email Laurence Job Deputy Principal (ljob@qeliz.ac.uk). If you want some guidance about which subjects you might need for entry to specific careers or university courses, please contact one of our specialist HE/Careers advisers Rachael Duff (rduff2@qeliz.ac.uk) or Liz Bryan (ebryan@qeliz.ac.uk).


Entry Requirements

The usual entry requirement to QE is 5 GCSE grades at 4 or above including Maths or English. Your programme of study will be personalised to reflect your individual needs and GCSE profile.