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QE A Level Courses

Students can choose from a range of more than forty different courses with exam or coursework based assessment options in many subject areas.  The majority of students select three subjects to make up their own individualised programme of study.  Within the Advanced Level system there remains a degree of flexibility and it is easy to select subjects with different styles of learning.  Many of our students successfully combine linear A Levels and Applied A Level courses within their study programme.

At QE we offer a range of subjects that you may have already studied at GCSE level such as English, Maths, History, Science or Geography giving you the opportunity to develop your existing knowledge and skills in these areas at A Level.  However there is also the opportunity to study a range of exciting new options including Psychology, Film Studies, Law, Politics, Economics or Criminology.  These subjects work very well in a student’s programme alongside the more familiar options. 

Our experienced guidance staff will discuss the different options available to you.  This should allow you to make the best decision based upon your abilities, interests and long term aspirations.  There will be several opportunities to discuss your programme with guidance staff, subject teachers and careers specialists at different points during the application process. A final decision on your subject choices doesn’t need to be made until you actually enrol at the college.   This will usually take place in the week following the receipt of your GCSE results.

Further information can be obtained at our Open Evenings , the prospectus or from our liaison staff who are in regular contact with both staff and students in schools across the region.  If you have a specific question relating to any aspect of enrolment, programmes of study or queries about individual subjects please do not hesitate to contact us at the college using the following link.

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