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Year 2 Home Study Days – 9th and 10th September

Dear Student,

I hope that you are enjoying your return to QE and had a good summer break.

As you will be aware, our new first year students are joining us on Thursday September 9th. You may recall, from when you joined the College last year, that the corridors can be busier than usual for a couple of days as the new students get used to the building and find their way around.

You may also remember that last year, when you were first year students, we made arrangements for different year groups to be in College on different days at the start of term. As such, there were days when your year group benefited from having more space whilst you navigated your new surroundings.

Whilst we are still in a pandemic, we think it is even more important that corridors are not congested. With this in mind, we are asking all second year students to complete work at home on Thursday September 9th and Friday September 10th. Your teachers will set you work to complete for these days.

All students will be in lessons at QE from Monday 13th September. By this time, everyone will be familiar with their timetable and surroundings including all of the entrances and exits and the corridors will not be as busy.

I am sure you understand the reason for these arrangements and thank-you in advance for your help.

Best wishes,

Laurence Job

Deputy Principal